Safes & Standfast go hand in hand, we have been involved in the security industry for nearly 50 years a prominent provider of safes for home owners and companies. Standfast have experienced locksmiths specialising in the opening, re-keying, refurbishment of safes, delivery of our safes and relocation of safes when required.  Most deliveries are straight forward but others are more complicated involving lorries, cranes & man-power.

Over the balcony Lte

Sometimes a first floor delivery is required, this one was more unusual, we needed to avoid the newly laid drive.  So with our man-power and a 22 tonne lorry with a crane reaching 16 metres, with the capacity of 2 1/2 tonne lifting at full reach, we made the delivery for the customer.

We have an extensive range of new free standing cash, data and fire safes, wall safes and underfloor safes with various lock options available, key, combination and electronic, from the leading manufactures, including Dudley a UK Manufacturer founded in 1982 and still a family business as we are too. Like you we also like to know the people we are dealing with rather than a large faceless corporation. Another of our preferred brands is Securikey, who we have been dealing with for over 40 years, we are probably one of their earliest customers.  A more recent addition is Burton safes, by recent we mean around 15 years along with other well known brands.

We also have an ever changing range of free standing safes that are fully reconditioned in our workshops. Where possible we re-spray to original colours & design, which makes these safes even more desirable. Sometimes, we have requests for favourite colours or corporate colours.

These Reconditioned safes can prove excellent value. Please contact us for details of current availability.  The range is ever-changing so the ones you see may no longer be available.

Points to consider prior to making your purchase:

  • Check the overnight cash rating and cover for valuables.
    • Consider the locations & check the dimensions.
    • Decide whether key, combination or electronic locking is best for you.
    • Liaise with your Insurance Company prior to ordering to make sure the safe is acceptable.

Helpful notes:

Fire tests

Fire tests are carried out on individual fire safes to prove the ability of the fire safes to protect the enclosed items in conditions simulating those of actual fires where, not only intense heat, but collapse to buildings and the effects of water might be encountered.

Insurance cover / cash rating

The insurance rating is the amount, in sterling, of goods that can be kept in the safe overnight as deemed typical by insurers. It is important to purchase safes that are matched to the value they will be required to protect. These safes are graded by a given cash rating or insurance cover. The cash rating on a safe will help you decide the grade of the safe you need. Insurers typically give up to 10 times the cash rating of the valuables. For example, a £1,000 cash rating would become £10,000 for material contents (Please check this with your insurer first).


Safes are graded based upon the cash rating or insurance cover given to a particular safe.