Burglar Alarms

The facts are: sadly burglaries happen; most burglars are opportunists who will target an open window, unlocked doors or valuables on display, if they think they can get away with it. Did you know, most burglaries happen on weekdays, in daylight when you’re more likely to be out.

Our burglar alarm systems are not only reliable when called on, but act as a great deterrent 24hours a day 365 days a year. The home office reports that 84% of burglars are deterred by a burglar alarm system.

You can reduce the chances of being a victim of crime by installing a professional burglar alarm. Standfast Alarms are a NSI Gold approved installer and meet the relevant British & European Standards. Accredited to UKAS. Standfast meet the requirement of the Police through the Association of Chief Police Officers (A.C.P.O.) Policy for intruder alarms who will respond to confirmed alarm activation of monitored systems.

Standfast Alarms have nearly 50 years experience of installing systems tailored to individual requirements and those of your Insurance Company. We install good quality, reliable equipment to the highest of standards.  We are committed to customer satisfaction, the name Standfast will always be the one that customers can rely upon, be they large or small commercial operations or residential from cottage to castle.

Our team offer expert advice from the initial survey right through installation and maintenance.

You can choose to have a standard alarm system or a monitored system whichever best suits your requirements.

Monitored alarms

Monitored alarm systems offer you the reassurance that we’re watching over your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you’re at home, at work or on holiday, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’re protecting what’s precious to you.

Every time your alarm goes off the Alarm Monitoring Centre receives an alert. The centre is manned around the clock, which means your alarm is never ignored and we always respond quickly.

Once the alarm is confirmed (we filter out false alarms), we contact you or your nominated keyholders. Then, depending on your monitoring package, we may call the police or fire service where necessary.

Monitoring options

We offer two different types of monitoring:

Police Response

In case of emergency, we contact:

  • You
  • Your nominated keyholders
  • Police
  • Fire service (optional)
  •  In case of emergency, we contact:
  • Keyholder Response
  • You
  • Your nominated keyholders
  • Fire service (optional)